4 Challenges of Paper-Based Processes Solved by Document Management

With every new year in business, organizational content increases by 200% on average (Forrester Research). Although the popularity of digital documents continues to grow, paper is still central in business. With documents moving between departments and file cabinets, not having control or a strong document management strategy in place could lead to processing challenges as well as heavy increase in costs.

If paper-based processes are interfering with productivity, employee morale, or revenue goals, then you’ve hit a major business pain. By implementing Document Management Software (DMS), you can address common challenges like these, while saving valuable time, allowing for document collaboration and business efficiency to improve. Let’s examine four common business pain points, and uncover how DMS can help:

Challenge #1: Lack of Visibility & Control

Where did that document go? Why are those numbers different? Who accessed this last? Instead of spending hours trying to identify who applied document edits and why, ECM software provides real-time updates of all document actions through a secure history log and audit trail reporting tool. Providing enhanced visibility, ECM delivers managers the opportunity to gain control over departmental documents, their workflow routes, and employee processing for improved business intelligence. Built-in business process management workflows provide insight into document analytics, scheduling, transactional activities and process queues for end-to-end process visibility. This type of digital document control allows collaboration with customers, clients and partners to improve dramatically, by keeping employees accountable for their document-driven tasks.

Challenge #2: Poor Service & Declining Customer Satisfaction

Many organization feel that their customer response time is lacking because of poor document management. Putting together emails and notes from the many people involved in a customer issue is time consuming and can lead to inaccuracies. Conversations can be made difficult due to a lack of information about the history of the problem at hand and not being able to find the resources necessary to solve it. Don’t make your customers wait. DMS allows for faster and more consistent response times as employees can immediately search and retrieve stored documents in a matter of seconds. Through a simple keyword search - company name, PO number, etc. - users can pull up all documentation associated with a particular customer instantly, allowing for customer concerns to be handled in real-time. With a full display of data providing insight into customer history and past actions, employees can confidently assist customer call-ins, resulting in happier customers and the opportunity for repeat or add-on business.

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Challenge #3: Time Spent Processing Data Across Platforms

From accounting to payroll applications, asset management and CRM software, there’s a plethora of business programs used by organizations today to manage information. With data spread across many different platforms, often the same information has been manually entered into multiple programs, causing duplicate efforts by employees and a risk for data entry errors. Users are then left wondering which program has the most accurate and up to date information. But with advanced capture integration, as part of a document management strategy, valuable data is automatically extracted from your everyday documents. Email notifications are then sent to the appropriate department or person upon document capture, as part of real-time content management designed to improve productivity and process visibility.

Challenge #4: Staying Compliant to Avoid Fees & Penalties

Do you find yourself struggling to meet compliance requirements? Have you had to pay extra fees and penalties over simple regulation mistakes? Are you prepared in the event of an unexpected audit? Documents management software eliminates risk, keeps documents secure, and enables your company to abide by regulations through efficient methods of capturing, storing, accessing and managing your digital documents.

Identifying document-driven pain points will open the door to discovering an effective document management solution that will take your business to new heights. With DMS you’ll be sure to have a proven method to attaining a competitive edge by solving the most common, and pressing, challenges flagging businesses today. Are you ready to identify and understand ways to solve your pain points?

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