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SendPro Integrated Shipping Solution

Simplify and save with one, easy to use application. SendPro is the simplest, most complete online postage solution for sending letters, overnights and packages with USPS®, FedEx® and UPS®. Ideal for shippers who:

  • Send less than 20 packages a day
  • Have one individual responsible for shipping packages 
  • Compare shipping options and costs across multiple carriers

Some of the benefits are:

  • Save 3 cents on every stamp you print                
  • Track items online                                                        
  • Print postage and shipping labels
  • Weigh packages
  • Receive special UPS discounts                         

SendSuite Tracking Online: 

Simplify your inbound tracking management. SendSuite Tracking Online is a cloud-based solution that streamlines the logging, tracking and managing of incoming packages and important mail. You'll gain better visibility on what comes into your organization and where it goes. SendSuite Tracking Online helps:

Increase                                       Decrease                                Improve
• Efficiency                                         • Status inquiries                         • Accountability
• Productivity                                     • Time searching                         • Mail Security
• Processing speed                           • Labor costs                               • Compliance
• Satisfaction                                     • Error rates                                 • Chain of custody

Streamline the way you send

Packages to parcels and freights to flats across multiple carriers made easy. Our shipping assessment is designed to review shipping practices and discover ways to decrease costs by 15-30%, while increasing employee productivity and streamlining business processes. 

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